How does team access work?

Online toolkits offer team plans.

You'll see the available team sizes on the sales page for the toolkit and will choose the original team size there. You can add more members as needed once the team plan has been purchased.

Who should be the team leader?

The team leader should be someone who is helping lead the change to action mapping. In toolkits like Partner from the Start, they can:

  • Add team members
  • See each member's progress through the material
  • Access tips for coaching new action mappers and embedding the approach in the team

There's no separate "administrative" role. For example, it's not possible for a person who won't be using the toolkit to log into the toolkit and add team members. That person could buy the license, but then the team leader will receive the login information and add the team members.

Why does the team leader have access to the toolkit?

It's not simple to change your organization's approach to training design. You'll want people leading the change to be familiar not only with the current process but also with the new one, so they can lead discussions about the details of the change. That's why team leaders occupy a "seat" in the toolkit and have access to its content.

How do we purchase a team license?

Choose the license you want from the toolkit sales page. In the checkout form, you'll be asked for the team leader's email address. They'll get an email with their login instructions. You'll get an email receipt.

The team leader can also add team members at any time as described below in "How do I add more people to the team?"

How do I identify the team members?

Assuming you're the team leader:

  1. When your purchase is complete, you'll receive an email with a link. Click that link to access the toolkit or course site. (Didn't get the email? Go here and click "Need a new password.")
  2. You'll see the site dashboard. Open the program you've just purchased.
  3. In the left-hand menu, click Team leaders > Manage your team.
  4. You'll go to the team management page, where you'll see the heading "Who's on your team?"
  5. Below that heading, enter the name and email address of each team member. Don't enter yourself; you're already a team member.
  6. Those people will get an email with a link that gives them access to the materials. The email might take several minutes to arrive. 

My team member didn't get their login email.

Please have them go to this link and click "Need a new password."

How do I see each member's progress?

Below the team member's name, you'll see a completion percentage for each section of the toolkit or course. This percentage refers to the real-world actions they've marked as complete. It doesn't refer to material they may have viewed, because acting on the job is more effective than looking at content.

How do I add more people to the team?

If you've purchased a toolkit (or a live workshop that hasn't started yet), you can increase the size of your team. For example, if you bought access for three people and now want to add a fourth member, you can do that. 

Only the team leader can see the "add a person" buttons on the team management page.

  1. Open the toolkit or workshop and click Team leaders > Manage your team.
  2. Under "Need to increase the size of your team?" click the option you prefer. 
  3. When the payment is processed, you'll be able to add additional members under "Who's on your team?" You might need to refresh the "Manage your team" page.

Can I replace people on the team?

If a team member has left the company, you can remove them from the team and fill their seat with someone else. You'll do this through the Team leaders > Manage your team page inside the toolkit.