How does team access work?

Online toolkits and live workshops use the following types of teams:

  • One member: You create a "team" of one when you buy access for someone else.
  • More than one member: You buy access for a group of people. 

You'll see the available team sizes on the sales page for the toolkit or workshop and will choose the team size there.

How do I tell the site who's on my team?

The purchaser becomes the team leader. Assuming the purchaser is you, here's what happens:

  1. When you buy a team plan, you'll receive an email with a link. Click that link to access the toolkit or course site.
  2. You'll see the site dashboard. Open the program you just purchased.
  3. In the left-hand menu, click Manage your team.
  4. You'll go to the team management page, where you'll see the heading "Who's on your team?"
  5. Below that heading, enter the name and email address of each team member.
  6. Those people will get an email with a link that gives them access to the materials. The email might take 15-30 minutes to arrive.

Am I a member of the team, too?

Yes. You're automatically a member of the team and can access the materials just like the team members.

How do I see each member's progress?

Below the team member's name, you'll see a completion percentage for each section of the toolkit or course. This percentage refers to the real-world actions they've marked as complete. It doesn't refer to material they may have viewed, because acting on the job is more effective than looking at content.

How do I add more people?

If you've purchased a toolkit, you can increase the size of your current team. For example, if you bought access for up to three people and want to add a fourth member, you can do that, but you have to be the person who originally bought the team license. Only the original purchaser can see the "add a person" buttons on the team management page.

  1. Open the toolkit and click Manage your team.
  2. Under "Need to increase the size of your team?" click the option you prefer. (If you don't see any buttons, it's because you aren't the original purchaser. Have the original purchaser log in to make this purchase.)
  3. When the payment is processed, you'll be able to add additional members under "Who's on your team?"