What tool did you use for...

Interactive infographic: I used Tumult Hype, an HTML5 tool for the Mac.

Scenario-based training examples: I create most of my branching scenarios with Twine, a free tool for interactive fiction. I also provide a few tips to get you started with Twine.

For the  ebook, I created the cartoon in Powtoon. I created the ebook cover using an online application that I no longer remember the name of and that you could probably find by searching "ebook cover." The ebook itself is a PDF file that I created using Pages on a Mac. There is no template for it.

For live online sessions, we use WebEx. Some courses also include links to examples that may be video, Flash, HTML5, or in other formats.

The drop-down  text-reveal function used in some course materials is a custom Javascript plugin. I hired a WordPress developer to create it.