I won't have much access to my SME during the scheduled course. Should I sign up anyway?

You should be 
able to get value from the course even if you can't get your SME to 
respond in a timely way, because you'll at least be able to form the 
questions that you need answers to. 

Scenario design course

Here's what you'll need from your subject matter expert:

Prework before the first session: Help identify the project goal and the actions that people need to take on the job to reach that goal. 2 hours or more.

Between weeks 1 and 2: Help determine why people aren’t performing at least 3 actions from the list in the above step. Help analyze at least one decision made on the job that will become an activity.

Between weeks 2 and 3: Feedback on (at least) a one-scene scenario question: a questions, several options, and the feedback for each option

Between weeks 3 and 4: Feedback on additional one-scene activities or the plot of a branching scenario if you decide one is necessary

After week 4: Feedback on activities as you choose media and develop materials in the final format