Can I use your materials in my presentation, book, blog, ...?

My materials are copyrighted. You're free to use them within the guidelines of fair use if they're attributed to me and contain a link back to my site.

Blog posts 

Don't republish entire posts of mine or scrape my feed. Don't display my site or full posts in a frame on your site, surrounded by your branding or advertisements. If you want to share something I've said, please publish a short excerpt from my blog and link to my original post. My content is intended to be read on my site.


Creating a presentation? It's fine to use snippets of my blog content, images that I've created and published on my public site, or other material that I've published for a general audience, as long as you attribute the content to me on the slide, and it's within the bounds of  fair use.

I put a lot of work into creating my presentations, and I don't distribute the slides. If you want to make points similar to ones I've made in a presentation, please create your own slides, attribute the material that you got from me, and restrict the amount of my content to keep it within the bounds of fair use. 

Using purchased materials

Some of my materials are intended to be available only to people who paid for them. 

  • If my handout or other document is marked "Please don't distribute" then please don't distribute it, and don't include any of its content in materials that you distribute.
  • If the content you want to share is visible only to people who have paid to access it, such as my online course materials, don't share it. For example, don't record it or take screenshots of it and send it to others. If you want to give access to others in your organization, please contact me for information about licensing.


The source for each image on my blog is listed at the end of the blog post. If the image is available through a Creative Commons license, you'll find a link there. If no source is indicated for a photo as happens on some old posts, it's an image from iStockPhoto and I paid to use it on my site. Please respect the rights of the original image creators.

For images I created, such as flowcharts and other diagrams, I own the copyright. You can publish an individual image that I created on your site for critique or discussion within the guidelines of  fair use, but you need to attribute it to me with a link back to my site.